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The history of the emergence of the trade union

Ever since the 18th century, working people in different countries began to realize that they were defenseless against employers and that they needed to take care of themselves.England is considered the birthplace of the trade union movement. At that time, the industrial revolution had just begun and there were much more workers. The first prototype of the trade union (Eng. Trade-Unions, literally “Professional Union” – author’s note) appeared in 1792 from the spinners of the city of Lancaster – representatives of one of the most advanced and mechanized industries of that time.
The trade union today is the only unique organization that protects the labor rights of workers, achieves the implementation of social guarantees, and improves the microclimate in the team.
Trade union – abbreviated. from “professional union” is a non-profit association of people based on the principles of voluntariness and community of professional interests.
The purpose of the activity of trade unions is to protect the interests of workers in the field of labor relations and social rights. Of course, mainly in the sphere of interest lies the organization of cultural events, the organization of treatment in sanatoriums and rest homes, etc.
Law N ZRU-588 “On Trade Unions” dated December 6, 2019 contains 9 chapters and 56 articles. The purpose of the Law is to regulate relations in the field of realization by citizens of the right to form trade unions, as well as the creation and organization of the activities of trade unions.
On the basis of social partnership, employers and trade unions have established cooperation to protect the rights of workers and carry out reforms in all areas. The trade union is one of the most influential public organizations and makes a significant contribution to the cause of social justice, ensuring the provision of social benefits and benefits to workers who really need high social protection.
The trade union committee of the Center participates in collegiate meetings, kurultais and other events held by the united trade union committee of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Deputy Trade Union Committee: Rakhmedova M.T. Members of the trade union committee: Baev A.Yu., Bozorov S., Kayumova D.M., Musaev U.T.