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Levitskaya Yuliya Vladimirovna
Scientific Secretary PhD in Biology
 +99871 227-43-22 internal(45-06)


Scientific secretary duties

The Scientific Secretary leads the preparation of proposals for consolidated prospects and annual plans for research and development and also coordinates thematic plans for research work carried out by the laboratories of the Center, organizations, and enterprises in their joint implementation.

Seceretar’s duties include the following tasks:

-organizing control over the timely and high-quality implementation of established thematic plans and the preparation of summary reports on the activities of the institution.

-providing coordination in the development of the main directions of the work of the institution, plans and programs to improve the efficiency of its activities, improve the organization of work and management.

-preparing draft plans for the work of the scientific and technical council, controlling their implementation and the implementation of the decisions taken by the council.

-preparing proposals for plans for the publication of scientific papers; ensuring their review, as well as holding scientific conferences, meetings, seminars, and discussions.

-organizing the certification of employees, the development of criteria and methods for evaluating their activities.

-coordinating the activities of the scientific and auxiliary departments of the institution.

-preparing proposals for the training and advanced training of scientific personnel, internships for researchers.