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About of the Makerspace

The scientific workshop of the Makerspace Center for Advanced Technologies established in 2020. The main task of the scientific workshop is to create prototypes of scientific products.A special feature of the scientific workshop is that all laboratories share their knowledge and developments. The laboratories have a common information base. Participants can exchange information and consult with specialists using a video conferencing system. The scientific workshop helps to promote the technical projects of its participants on the market effectively. The scientific workshop provides an opportunity for individual independent production of necessary scientific products and parts. The workshop has a CNC machine, a 3D printer, a 3D scanner, a laser cutter, a device for manufacturing printed circuit boards. The equipment is selected so that a novice designer can realize any of his ideas. The scientific workshop is designed to develop creative thinking and practical solutions among the project participants. As part of the Center’s acceleration program, the Makerspace Scientific Workshop works with startup accelerator participants to create prototypes of scientific products.

Head Yudakov A.A.