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Yudakov Alexander Andreevich

Head of Department

Contacts: +99871227-43-17 internal (4530)


The main activities of the department are

— commercialization of scientific developments;

— technology transfer;

— advising the authors and participants of the project on the creation of small innovative enterprises

– advising the authors and participants of the projects of the Center on grants, competitions and other events in the field of innovation

— advising authors and participants of projects on product development, marketing and its introduction to the market;

– interaction with technology transfer centers, commercialization departments and other structures that carry out innovative activities for the exchange of experience and cooperation;

– participation in the development of the necessary regulatory documentation to ensure innovation; — search for investors and partners for the commercialization of scientific developments

– cooperation with residents of the Center for Advanced Technologies;

– conducting a technical examination of applications for start-up projects;

— monitoring start-up projects as part of the implementation of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 133 dated March 9, 2020 “On measures to further improve the regulatory framework for scientific research”.

              The activity of the department is aimed at solving the following tasks

Establishing the relationship between science and production.Development of an ecosystem of start-up projects in Uzbekistan.Providing methodological, informational, consulting, educational and legal support on various aspects of intellectual property, filing an application for obtaining legal protection for intellectual property objects, conducting patent searches and patent research in various areas of natural sciences.The Department of Commercialization and Technology Transfer of the Center for Advanced Technologies under the Ministry of Innovative Development interacts with research organizations, enterprises, business structures in the field of commercialization of innovative projects.The department provides methodological assistance in developing, together with applicants, business concepts, an optimal strategy for promoting projects to the markets, provides consulting services in preparing a rationale for the concept of commercialization projects.The department forms databases on commercialized projects, potential investors, strategic partners, participates in seminars and conferences that bring together representatives of the scientific research community and the business community.The department carries out technical expertise of start-up projects within the framework of the competition for start-up projects and regional programs for the implementation of the roadmap, and as a working body for start-up projects, quarterly monitors projects that have received funding from the Science Financing and Innovation Support Fund.



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