The results of the first round of contests for sending young scientists to leading scientific organizations for short-term scientific internships

222 dated April 19, 2021 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, approved by the Regulation “On the procedure for sending young scientists to leading foreign scientific organizations for short-term scientific internships” and the 2022 Special Expert Group under the Ministry of Innovative Development (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) Based on the resolution of the minutes of the meeting No. 102 approved on September 12, we inform you of the following.

Appendix 1 is a summary list of candidates who have passed the first-stage selection competition, as well as those participating in the second-stage selection competition, which was held in order to send 484 young scientists to short-term scientific internships; The summary list of rejected candidates in the first stage selection competition held for the purpose of sending 79 young scientists to a short-term scientific internship was approved in accordance with Appendix 2; it was determined that the second round selection competition for the defense of the internship program presentation of the candidates will be held on the working days specified in Appendix 1 and will be offered according to the list; with this Regulation and the decision of the report of the meeting of the Special Expert Group, the procedure for holding the selection contests for the second stage presentation defense of the candidates for the targeted contests was established. In particular, the defense of the scientific internship program of the candidates for targeted competitions is organized in the form of an online video conference on the “Zoom” platform. At the same time, candidates can voluntarily come to the Ministry building for the defense of the presentation; video conference access ID codes will be made available to everyone online by the responsible employees of the Ministry; candidates will be given at least 5 minutes to defend their presentation; in the second stage of qualifying competitions, candidates defend their internship programs in the form of a presentation (presentation) in a foreign language; in the defense of the presentation, candidates are required to take part in a well-prepared presentation of the selected research work in a short, concise and well-founded manner.

Documents of candidates who did not participate (did not appear) in the second stage of the competition may be rejected based on the decision of the Special Expert Group;

The special expert group will follow the following criteria in preparing the final report:

Candidates can know and use foreign languages ​​in the defense of the presentation to the level necessary for the implementation of their work, up to 30 points;

relevance of goals and tasks of internship and scientific or economic effectiveness up to 40 points; compatibility of internship with directions, needs and requirements of higher education and/or scientific organization up to 30 points.

Candidates who have scored at least 60 points based on the results of the presentation will be recognized as winners by the decision of the Special Expert Group.

In view of the above, we request you to ensure that the candidates listed in Annexure 1 participate in the final stage selection competitions with thorough preparation.

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