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Since April 2018, the Center for Advanced Technologies has been part of the Ministry of Innovative Development in the status of a research institution on the basis of a decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.The Center serves as a technological platform of the Ministry, which provides opportunities for scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs to develop joint solutions that are economically beneficial for all participants and the Republic of Uzbekistan as a whole.A fundamentally new approach to the commercialization and transfer of high technologies is the main feature of the center. The objectives of the center are to assist in the formation of promising ideas and innovative developments, as well as comprehensive support for high-tech industries based on the sharing of equipment and infrastructure. The Center aims to be a leader in applying high standards in research and innovation. Serve as a technological platform in ensuring the development of the country’s innovation ecosystem and preparing a new generation of “innovatively thinking” youth, including supporting gender equality in science.The doors of the Center are always open for both experienced scientists and young researchers and developers, for whom science is an integral part of life.

The main tasks of the Center are:

• carrying out fundamental, applied scientific research and implementation of innovative developments in the field of advanced technologies;
• implementation of targeted scientific, technical and innovative programs, assistance in the creation of experimental research structures;
• development of science-intensive and advanced technologies, participation in modeling, prototyping, production of samples of new innovative products and their testing; effective cooperation with academic, university and industry science;
• assistance in the formation of new promising ideas and developments;
• creating favorable conditions for young people to master modern research methods, as well as introducing information technology capabilities into scientific practice and expanding and strengthening international scientific ties.
Currently, the Center includes 4 laboratories that carry out research in the field of biotechnology, geophysics and nanomineralogy, screening and molecular interactions, physical and chemical research methods, as well as a commercialization department.